This extraordinary winged unicorn will soar with your child's imagination as they take flight to magical places. With satin feet and amazing rainbow sparkly accents, this unicorn is sure to win your child's heart!

Your package will include:

  • one stuffing pack so you can fill your new stuffed animal friend to huggable softness,
  • one wishing heart to fill your friend's inside with as much love as it can hold,
  • one Authentic Bear & Company stuffed animal t-shirt,
  • a customizable Adoption Certificate, and
  • an exclusive string backpack from Bear & Company so you can carry your friend with you wherever you go!


All new materials stuffed with polyester fiber. Recommended for ages 3-120. Buyer is responsible to ensure all items, including string backpacks, are used and stored out of the reach of children who are unable to safely use them. Exact wishing heart design and text may vary.

***Please note, due to the magical wings, some outfits may not be a good fit unless they're tucked inside the outfit. This includes the shirt we include. But, we don't want you to miss out either so we'll send it along anyway! Contact us in advance if you have any questions.

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Wishing Heart

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