Bear and Company, Inc. runs contests on a regular basis and in different places.




All of our contests are open to legal residents of the United States (our market) where not prohibited by law, who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry. A valid email account is required at the beginning of any contest period. By participating in any contest, the participant agrees to abide by the "official rules" contained in this document.


No purchase is required to participate in one of our contests. If you do make a purchase, it will not increase your chances of winning a contest.


Contest durations are included in the promotional materials for that specific contest.


Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all contests and promotions are solely sponsored by Bear and Company, Inc. That means no other party (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, our suppliers, etc.) in any way sponsors, endorses, administers, or is otherwise affiliated with us in the contest.


If you have questions, complaints, or comments about a contest or promotion, you are responsible to direct them to us and not to another third-party.



Email Signup Contests


An email signup contest is a way for us to collect email addresses and names from interested people in exchange for a chance to win a product we choose to give away. We reserve the right to make the product selection on behalf of the selected winner unless a specific product or unit has been offered.


We will randomly select a winner from the users who correctly respond to the contest actions.



Facebook & Instagram Contests


From time to time, we may run contests directed toward Facebook & Instagram users. When we do, we will ask them to interact with our publicly available content (no purchase necessary) either within Facebook, Instagram, or other services such as our website where we publish content including, but not limited to, our website.


No purchase is necessary to enter a contest we promote through Facebook or Instagram. You will not be required to provide your personal information, or that of any other user, to participate in a contest we promote through Facebook or Instagram. If you are selected as a winner (as defined below), you will need to provide personal information so we can ship the prize to you.


Participants may enter a contest through Facebook or Instagram by taking the action we request such as voting on a post or commenting in response to a specific question. We will randomly select a winner from the users who correctly respond to the contest actions. When contests are cross posted, we will select one winner in total which may be from among any of the services on which the contest is posted.



Winner Notification


We will notify the winner of any contest using the available contact method. For example, if the contest is to collect email addresses, we will use the email address you provided in order to contact you. If you have not provided a legible email address, you may not be able to receive our notification that you have been selected because your email is returned to us as undeliverable. In this case, we will randomly select a different winner.


If we contact you, either by email or the service in which the contest is run (e.g., Facebook) and you do not respond to our message within three (3) calendar days, we may, at our sole discretion, randomly select a different winner. If this occurs, your selection as the winner will be immediately withdrawn and you will not longer be the winner.


If we run a contest where we ask you to provide a photo, and you provide it, you agree that we may use that photo, or derivative of it, at our discretion and with no further approval from you. This may include, but is not limited to, use in our marketing. You agree that we are not required to provide any compensation or other consideration for this use because your participation in the contest represents the sum total of all compensation and consideration you will receive from us.