Bear & Company Adoption Fundraisers

You may have noticed that all our stuffed animals come with an adoption certificate instead of a birth certificate.

That's because adoption is a part of our family's story.

It has been a few years since we went through "the process." But we remember that it can be complicated, stressful, and financially challenging.

That's why we decided to offer fundraising ideas for adoptive families when we started our family business.

Adoption World Changers

We believe that adoption changes the world.

Whether the adoption happens at home or in another country, it changes the world for every single child. It changes everything for the adoptive family. The community that surrounds and supports that family will be different from the day they find out.

We also believe that the people who help families welcome adopted children are important catalysts in changing the world. They're World Changers!

That's why we're happy to include our custom "World Changer" t-shirt for every stuffed animal that's adopted as part of your fundraiser. It is a wonderful way to recognize the important part your family, friends, co-workers, and community members play in helping your adoption become a reality.

Bear and Company Adoption Fundraiser t-shirt on a black bear stuffed animal

Adoption Ambassadors - a fun fundraising idea!


Our collection of really cute stuffed animals make great ambassadors for your adoption! They're eager to bring the good news and happy message to your friends, co-workers, and family members as you raise much needed funds. 

We'll work with you to choose an animal from our inventory that best represents your family and adoption. The Adoption Ambassador's we send out for you will:

  • come pre-stuffed with its red "Love" wishing heart tucked deep inside and filled with all the gratitude we can fit inside,
  • include a white, Bear and Company World Changer t-shirt,
  • bring along it's own adoption certificate, and
  • carry a note card with a printed version of your personal thank-you message.

Then, we'll add your fundraiser package to our Adoption Fundraiser product category. Your World Changers can search the category of active fundraisers and find your specific package. You'll also be able to use that link to invite your friends, co-workers, family members, and others to participate. When they make a purchase through our secure website, we'll add that order to the list.

When you're ready to close out the ordering phase of your fundraiser, we'll stuff all your little Adoption Ambassadors with love and whisk them to their waiting families! 

How much will you receive?

We provide a percentage of the total sale amount (excludes the amount we collect for shipping and sales tax).

In addition, the more they purchase, the more you'll receive! You're not limited to the amount your World Changers spend on your selected package.

For example, if you've picked our adorable Panda Pal and someone adds a set of Bunny Slippers to their fundraising order, Bear and Company will include the slipper purchase in the total sale amount.

Bear and Company Adoption Fundraiser t-shirt on a Panda Pal stuffed animal

You'll get the donation percentage from the animal and the accessory - not just the animal you selected!

If you're interested in finding out more about our fun and unique adoption fundraiser ideas, please let us know by calling 919-864-2327 or send us a message now!

Our family would love to partner with yours on your adoption journey!